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Capital Project Vote
Thank you for all who came out to vote this evening.  Our Proposition #1 passed 88 to 77 in favor of our proposed Capital Project.  

Hi everyone,
At the close of polls and count of votes, the capital project proposition has passed by a margin of 11 votes (88 to 77). Thank you everyone for your support and involvement thus far. Now planning and design can resume with our architect and scheduling, bidding, and management can begin with our Construction Manager. The remainder of this year will be dedicated to design and planning. Submission of the project details to NYSED in the Spring will start their next stage of review for approval. Depending on the length of time required for NYSED to review and approve, the remainder of the timeline would be as follows:
Bidding of work would take place in the Spring/Summer of 2018 and construction to follow through December 2019.
Our BOE Facilities Committee will resume work with the architect and construction manager to include determination of the details for work. This will involve a large amount of coordination between school staff, BOE, architect, and manager between now and the Spring of 2017.  
Thank you for your support!
Marty Rotz

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scope of project.pdf
Capital Project Flyer 92816.pdf
Capital Project 2018 public presentation (3).pdf
2015 Steering Comm Survey Responses.pdf
5 Year Plan 2016-2021.pdf
2003 Capital Project Bond Payment and Aid.pdf

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