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Principal's Message

Greetings Romulus Families;

The second quarter and midterm exams have finished and we have moved into the third quarter of the school year.  Our winter sports teams will be entering sectionals so your support at the games will be much appreciated.  It's always nice to see our small school have the largest crowd in attendance at these games.  I hope to see you there.

Mr. Pane and I will be working on two initiatives this quarter; tardiness to class and inappropriate cell phone usage.  They haven't been huge problems this year but we feel like we need to stress these two things this quarter.  The first one is easy, students will be expected to be to their class on time.  We will both be in the hallways moving students along.  As far as cell phones are concerned; we have a four step process for inappropriate cell phone usage.  We are telling students that their phones should be put away while class is going on, unless they are using them for educational purposes or a teacher has given them permission to listen to music while they are working independently.  If there is time at the end of the class students are allowed to use them.  The first time they are using it inappropriately, they will be given a warning by the teacher; the second time, the teacher will hold onto the cell phone until the end of the period; the third time the teacher will give the cell phone to the office for the rest of the day; and the fourth time the teacher will give the cell phone to the office and a parent will need to pick it up from the office.  We are trying to teach students that while we recognize their importance to their social lives and their usefulness as an educational tool, they need to learn when and where they can appropriately be used.

I am excited for our drama production Superfreaks which will be held March 10th and March 11th.  We have an excellent cast and they have been working hard in preparation for the show.  I am also very excited to see the second floor construction project begin to take shape.  Some conceptual plans have been designed and they do an excellent job of opening up some common learning spaces as we move forward with more student centered instruction and personalized learning.

As always if you would like to talk or if you have some suggestions, my door is always open.  My extension at the school is 342 and my email address is cpuylara@romuluscsd.org.

Chris Puylara



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