Superintendent Office

Greetings Romulus Families,

Welcome back for the 2016/2017 School Year! This year, we are engaged in two exciting initiatives designed to bring education into the future at Romulus. #1 Our Board of Education Facilities Committee (including our architect, financial advisers, school attorney, administration, and staff) have been designing the scope of a capital project planned for 2018. While the building remains a sound structure , our spaces are not best suited for teaching, learning, and performing like they were in the 1930's when the building was first constructed. We plan to redesign areas throughout the complex and make improvements to our outdoor fields where athletes & fans gather. Look for public presentations on the project in September through October. A public vote to approve the project is scheduled for November 3, 2016. #2 Our instructional staff is partnering with Education Elements ( and WFL BOCES to develop Personalized Learning for our students. As we look to redesign spaces for the future, we also know we need cutting-edge instructional practices. Today's students acquire knowledge and skills differently than previous generations. Digital sources have become powerful tools within our environment. Classrooms & courses designed to include Personalized Instruction using digital sources stands as an effective way to accommodate differences in students' interests and abilities. Education Elements is a leader in providing professional development to schools using these methods to prepare students for their futures. This year marks the beginning of a three year commitment to partnering with Education Elements. The 2016/2017 year sees student enrollment growing at Romulus. As we start classes, 433 students are registered in PK-12. Statistical models used for planing predicted enrollment at 404 based on past years. Our school has beaten he odds to bring new students to RCS!

I am proud to be here working with all the rest of RCS to continue your school. As we look forward to this year and many more ahead, our motto of “Children first, Learning always” leads our work. Please know we continue to have sound resources managed wisely for the future of the district. Our administration and staff are striving to improve and expand our programs. While changes are a part of our professional environment we’ve come to expect, our commitment to students never changes. Each year we learn and grow to make RCS better. May the excitement of a new year be with all of you and here’s to seeing you at open house, concerts, games, shows, and all the rest of the events of the year.




Romulus Central School