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Romulus CSD Completes Additional Water Sampling & Testing for Lead

February 13, 2018
Hello Romulus Community,

This notice contains updated information from January 2018 work to sample and test for lead in our water. Since the original testing in the fall of 2016, we have replaced several faucet fixtures and some piping. As required by law, we are passing this information on to you, the Seneca County Health Department, the NYS Department of Health, and the NYS Education Department.  A review of background information and our plan for remediation are described in the following paragraphs. The full reports on sampling & testing and the recommended remediation plan are posted at www.romuluscsd.org under District Policy & Documents  where you will find the files "Final Report -  Drinking Water Sampling & Analysis", "Report - Post Flush Sample Results", "January 2018 Sampling Report", and "January 2018 Water Testing".

In the days leading to the opening of school in September, 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation requiring school districts to test for lead in drinking water within elementary school facilities by Sept. 30 and secondary schools by Oct. 31. At Romulus, we complied with the law by sampling all water outlets routinely used for drinking as well as all potable water outlets deemed accessible to students and staff.

Lead levels for the Romulus Water District's most recent test have shown to be within acceptable limits (see results at www.romuluscsd.org under "District Policy & Documents" and choose the file labeled "Annual Drinking Water Quality 2015"). To sample & test water from within our complex, the district contracted with Leader Professional Services in Pittsford, NY and R.J. Lee Laboratories in Pittsburg, PA. These companies are approved by NYS for such purposes. On 9/17/16, initial "first draw" sampling & testing of 152 samples from all water outlets returned 51 results exceeding 15ppb lead. These 52 results came from outlets not typically used for drinking, such as science labs, classroom sinks, and wash sinks (see complete results contained in the reports). All of these 52 outlets were either labeled "Non-potable - Do not drink" or disabled. On 10/7/16, a second round of "first draw" sampling & testing revealed 42 of the 52 exceeded 15ppb whereupon all 42 outlets (plus 1 testing close to 15ppb) were relabeled and/or disabled. On 11/1/16, "second draw" sampling was conducted on 43 samples and testing showed all but 3 sources to be less than 15ppb. Again, these sources were labeled and/or disabled. On January 31, 2018, 23 samples were taken from outlets where fixtures and/or pipes have been replaced. Unfortunately, 18 samples from these sources still test over 15ppm. These sources have been disabled until further repairs can be made. Since February 9th, 3 bottled drinking water stations (in addition to the existing fountains and sinks) have been set up throughout the district. At this time, disabling sources which test over 15ppb has not produced hardships in our daily operation. We will continue to work with Leader, R.J. Lee, and our architect to make repairs.

As we continue through long-term remedy of this situation, I wish to  make two  important points. First and foremost is our commitment to the safety & well-being of students and staff. We are providing adequate sources of drinking water throughout the complex. We are working with any areas reporting hardships to improve access to hand washing and drinking. Secondly, we are committed to making repairs and/or replacements where needed to bring outlets into compliance with NYS regulations. Where outlets are not needed, we are disabling fixtures to prevent additional costs. As many of the areas relate to our planned capital project, we will give these repairs priority during the project.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact me at the district office at (607) 869-5391 or at mrotz@romuluscsd.org.

Marty Rotz - Superintendent, Romulus CSD


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