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Principal's Message

Message from the Principal

Greetings Romulus Families:

The students have settled back into their routines after a fun filled December!  Instruction is back in full swing, students are remembering their classroom routines, and they did recover from sleeping in later!  I look forward to the learning (and fun) that will be occurring this winter season.

I would like to discuss our personalized learning initiative a little bit, because I am seeing some great things!  First of all personalized learning is our effort to:

1. Use digital content to enhance the learning opportunities

2. Use targeted instruction to differentiate instruction at each student’s level 3. Make data driven decisions about students

4. Allow students to reflect upon and take ownership of their learning

Students at all grade levels have been exposed to this and some students have been experiencing quite a bit of it.  I am very pleased with what I am seeing and by what I am hearing from the students and the teachers.  Students are allowed to work at their own pace and master skills and content before moving on.  Teachers have a better understanding of individual student needs so that they can adapt and modify those skills and content when necessary.  Please be on the lookout for more information as we move forward with this initiative.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Rhone who has been leading this charge.

We are also going to be celebrating literacy week beginning February 6th.  I always look forward to this week!  I don’t want to repeat what Mrs. Pundt has to say about it later on in the newsletter, however, I do want to encourage you to read with your children during that week.  I challenge all families to turn off the TV and the electronic devices and read, read, read!  I know that the 6th grade students are working on some kind of a principal’s challenge so I am looking forward to hearing what they want me to do if they meet their goal.  As in previous years we will spend the bulk of the week reading, listening to presentations, answering trivia questions, and having fun with books.

Lastly we will be celebrating our 100th day of school on February 13th.  Activities are planned for different grade levels so please be on the lookout for information about that celebration from your child’s teacher.  Hitting the 100th day means that there are only 80 more days of school left in the school year, the time has certainly flown by.

Thank you again for your support of our school and for your support of education in general.  We are entering an exciting time for our school as we begin the planning of our capital project that was approved a few months ago.  If you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to call the main office or by email at cpuylara@romuluscsd.org.

Chris Puylara




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